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Gale (GR) Horst Piano Tuning & Servicing
Serving Berks County PA including Reading, Allentown and surrounding areas

Mr. Horst started tuning pianos in 1980 at which time he embarked on his first piano restoration project and enrolled in a piano technician course of study. In 1982 GR began tuning and servicing instruments as a business in his community in Eastern Iowa. In 2014 he relocated to PA and established a service territory covering Pennsylvania communities that include Reading, Allentown and surrounding areas as illustrated in the graphic below:
Please call for an appointment or further information.


-  In 2017 Customer pianos were serviced in these Pennsylvania communities  -

You may call the number above, send an email to GR Horst at gr@tune88.net, or use the form in the schedule tab to contact Mr. Horst regarding service for your instrument.

The piano is a unique instrument in its complexity and construction. It has quite a seemingly infinite ability to create sounds from the simple to the complex with no constraints related to any particular musical style. The musician/artist can insert their personal touch into the instrument in a solo performance or with any combination of other instruments. In addition, the piano provides one of the best musical learning tools and was the first instrument on which many of us gained an understanding of music.

A piano may contain from 6,000 to well over 10,000 parts with a total string tension between 18 and 30 tons depending on size and model. With various types of wood, steel and other materials, these complex instruments respond to playing as well as to changes in temperature and humidity. As seasons change, the building environment also changes via heating, cooling, and humidity controls. All of this will impact various tensions throughout the instrument. An out-of-tune piano indicates internal stresses in the framework that are outside of those carefully specified and designed by the original manufacturer. Regular tuning will help keep the instrument functioning and sounding as designed and enable a fine instrument to provide generations of enjoyment.

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