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Original Song Samples

GR Singer/Songwriter

The links below represent a sampling of original tunes by GR Horst.

All music and lyrics copyright
© Gale R. Horst

Songs represented by the demo tracks below are available for licensing

Persons or organizations interested in licensing songs may click here to Send email to GR Horst
Or use the easy form at the bottom of this page.

One Piece At A Time
Copyright 2013 Paul F. Nellesen & Gale (GR) Horst
I'll fix your broken heart putting it back together a piece at a time.

Audio-Only version of "One Piece at a Time"

You Say
 -  Copyright 2020
     by Gale (GR) Horst

Points out that we sometimes think
we have communicated with someone
when all we have actually done is
talked at them and never really listened.

YouTube video of You Say

Audio-Only version of "YOU SAY"

Look At My Hand
- Copyright 2011,2020
   by Gale (GR) Horst
Written from the perspective of the man who
had the withered hand (Luke 6:6-11) that
was healed on the Sabbath against the
wishes / traditions of the Pharisees.

  Luke 6:6-11
  Matthew 12:9-14
  Mark 3:1-6

YouTube video of Look at my Hand

Audio-Only version of "Look At My Hand"

The World's Gonna Change
- Copyright 2013
   by Gale (GR) Horst
This world will not be the same forever.
Major changes are taking place.

YouTube video of The World's Gonna Change

Audio-Only version of "The World's Gonna Change"

Give It Up : Copyright 2020 Gale (GR) Horst
Chasing life sometimes feels like we're getting nowhere.
But sometimes we need to let go.
Ref:  Deu 8:2 and Ps 55:22

Audio-Only version of "Give It Up"

One More Time : Copyright 2020 Gale (GR) Horst
A bit of a lament - wanting & waiting to get firm direction

Audio-Only version of "One More Time"

Face Book Friend : Copyright 2012 Gale (GR) Horst
Love found & lost on FaceBook

Audio-Only version of "Face Book Friend"

He Knew Me Then : Copyright 2000 Gale (GR) Horst
Jer 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart"

Audio-Only version of "He Knew Me Then"

Share The Glow : Copyright 2013 Gale (GR) Horst
Like the way the moon gets it's light from the sun, God's light is shared through us.

Audio-Only version of "Share the Glow"

Election Time Blues : Copyright 2012, 2020 Gale (GR) Horst
A ding on politics saying I'm electing a person to represent me.
But I didn't vote for a political party.

Audio-Only version of "Election Time Blues"

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